DRIP SIP : Design Thinking Playing Card Deck : A Process Invention


DRIP SIP : Is  a design thinking playing card deck which I invented as a process innovation. 

Traditional Design Thinking methodologies are getting very academic and the process is becoming self limiting . The DRIP SIP method brings back the fun and randomness of serendipitous discovery which is the core of any innovation process. And it teaches the DESIGN THINKING methodology in a  FUN way.

After all you are just playing cards. At it’s core it’s an easy way for large organizations to adopt design thinking by giving the playing cards to employees and having card game competitions. (outside office hours ) 🙂



A quick look at some of the cards. You can buy it soon on Amazon and Flipkart ( International Delivery )

The cards have a QR code which you can scan with the associated DRIP SIP app and it will launch videos and method pages on the mobile for a quick easily digestible intro with case studies and beautifully illustrated examples.